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Our Spa pedicure services offer a more relaxing, pampering foot care experience for our clients. They come with additional services such as foot soak, foot massage and exfoliation, and hot towel rub. We have a variety of Spa Pedicure services to choose from.

Our popular Lavender Jelly Spa Pedicure, Milk and Honey Spa Pedicure, and New Chocolate, Buttercream Spa Pedicure! In all pedicure services, the feet are soaked in warm water followed by nail filing, shaping, clean cuticle cut, and a steamed towel. Topped off with a perfect regular or gel polish of your choice.

Our Keratin Pedicure is excellent for extra dry or dehydrated skin. Keratin is a key protein in nails and skin, with many benefits including repairing existing skin damage, increasing skin elasticity and depositing hydration. The keratin prepares the nails for pedicure by moisturizing the skin and softening the cuticles while also strengthening the weak and damaged parts.

Our calming and soothing Lavender Jelly Spa Pedicure is a unique pedicure experience for relaxation that soothes and relieves tired and sore feet. Includes foot scrub + lavender mask, foot file treatment. Milk and Honey Spa Pedicure is a gentle pampering as your feet are immersed in milky water to loosen up dry skin, we exfoliate with an aromatic honey sugar scrub, followed by a deep hydration mask massaged. Black Charcoal Spa Pedicure is a deep exfoliating treatment infused with activated black charcoal to eliminate toxins and impurities while smoothing and conditioning the skin.

Callus Removal Treatment is a powerful callus soother designed to leave feet smooth and untouched by rough patches. A fast acting serum blend of natural active ingredients rids callus buildup followed by our foot file treatment to remove any remaining roughness all while a citrus scent provides an invigorating finish. Are you ready to treat your skin and senses?

Experience our seasonal Chocolate, Buttercream Spa Pedicure! Comes with a Complimentary Caramel Martini! Enjoy this gentle combination of a honey, cinnamon jelly soak, vanilla cream sugar scrub, and chocolate butter cream hydrating foot mask. Our Spa Pedicure treatments are the perfect solution for your skin!

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